United Symbol: automation since 1979

United Symbol has been operating in the field of Industrial Automation, Robotics and End-of-Line Automation applied to different production configurations since 1979. Throughout decades of experience we designed and built turnkey systems for numerous industries in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

Our customers and their specific needs, a constant research, solutions design and customisation allowed us manufacturing cutting-edge machines and widening the range of products thus creating solutions able to meet the most specific requirements.

Design flexibility is one of our strongest points and our technical staff is always available to assist the customer in creating a system customised to its specifications.

This is the best guarantee for the effectiveness of a customised and long-lasting plant.

Jointly with our business partners using state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to develop solutions and equip them with electrical and electronic equipment as well as to perform an accurate testing at our factory before shipping the system to the customer, thus guaranteeing a high-quality standard and resulting in reduction of costs in relation to assembly and start-up at the customer’s premises.

United Symbol worldwide


Our services

  • Customised mechanical design: thanks to an in-house design team United Symbol is able to create systems tailored to the customer’s specifications.
  • Patents: our design team also provides analysis on state-of-the-art and patent searches and, upon request, technology transfer and registration of new patents as to developed projects.
  • Hardware & Software design: any application is designed and developed both from a mechanical, electrical and software point of view, thus providing the customer with a fully functional system in compliance with the specifications.
  • Production & Assembly: all the plants are developed at our factory according to a specific project, then assembled, tested and delivered to the customers for being  installed on-site.
  • Skilled technicians: thanks to the experience gained by our technicians and by those of our partner companies, we are able to look after every aspect and phase of the realisation.
  • Installation: after installation carried out according to standard criteria, the site approval test is made as well as any adjustment required to optimize the system and to achieve in a short time the requested productivity rates.
  • Training: during start-up and site approval test, we provide training courses to the personnel charged with system operation for its correct use, proper maintenance and management.
  • Customer service & support: as to all our systems we provide technical assistance both in situ and remotely thus guaranteeing a mechanical and software efficient operation.