The flexible and complete end-of-line solution

The palletizers and depalletisers with anthropomorphic robots represent an extremely functional and efficient solution for the end of the line. Ideal for handling and positioning boxes, bags, bundles, parcels, boxes, reels, and much more, they can perform the most complex palletizing and depalletizing procedures, also equipped with 2D / 3D vision for the recognition of packages, always guaranteeing precision and rapidity. Among the great advantages of these products there is also the possibility to program each palletizer via dedicated PC software to perform different processes, thus allowing a single anthropomorphic robot to manage multiple lines or to adapt quickly to the handling of different types of packaging, positioning and production volumes.

United Symbol specializes in the design and construction of end-of-line systems through the use of palletisers and depalletisers in different types, using anthropomorphic robots, if necessary equipped with 2D / 3D vision: a cutting-edge technology that makes it possible for the robot to recognize it of the packages and allows to work with absolute precision and maximum speed. We are able to supply complete lines as well as individual equipment. Finally, our customers can count on a complete service at all times, thanks to the checks we perform on each supply before delivery and thanks to our technical assistance, always available.