The flexible solution for industrial automation and the handling of full and empty pallets

The 90 ° deviation translation devices are a fundamental component within most of the solutions for industrial automation of the warehouse and the end of the line. The flexibility of these equipment allows you to organize and implement a wide range of strategic actions within the handling of packages and pallets. It thus becomes possible, for example, to convey multiple lines on the same roller or chain conveyor, or on the contrary to allocate the packages coming out from the same line and different subsequent processing areas, or to automatically serve different storage bays.

United Symbol can boast forty years of experience gained alongside companies and thanks to its skills it is now the ideal partner for every need in the field of industrial automation. United Symbol’s 90 ° deviation systems are designed starting from the specific needs of each customer and can be created ad hoc for new plants, as implemented within lines and warehouses already in operation. It is possible to complete each realization with roller conveyors and catenaries, lifting systems and any other equipment useful to better connect the 90 ° deviation system inside each handling system. The highest quality is always guaranteed by tests conducted by our specialized technical staff. While our assistance service remains available for every need in the post-sale phase.