Conveyor belts for internal handling and automation in every industrial sector

Conveyor belts represent one of the most popular solutions in the field of industrial automation, ideal for the internal handling of products and packages in the most diverse sectors. The great advantage of belt conveyor systems is, in particular, the extreme flexibility that can be available in terms of materials and shapes. For example, it is possible to create straight paths, with borders, curves climb or descents. The belt itself can also be flat or concave, to adapt to the nature of the material to be handled.

United Symbol, through the experience gained in forty years of work at the service of companies, is today the ideal partner to design and implement any type of solution in the field of industrial automation. Each new belt conveyor is designed and developed starting from the specific needs of each customer and delivered turnkey, tested and ready for use. We are also able to intervene on existing plants, providing new equipment to be implemented within the production lines. Finally, the quality of our solutions is also guaranteed through our always available after-sales service.