Customized industrial automation for the implementation of prehensile systems or gripping devices in palletizing and at the end of the line

The prehensile systems are a key element in the implementation of the most modern industrial automation standards within the palletising lines of different sectors and industrial sectors. In all fields of application it becomes essential to have equipment capable of moving any type of package for palletizing and packaging quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to its forty years of experience in the sector, United Symbol today is a specialist in the realization and supply of any type of implementation for industrial automation. Our prehensile systems are the result of careful design tailored to the needs of each customer, whose real needs are always put at the center, both when it comes to creating new turnkey plants, and when the request is the one to implement new machines and equipment within existing lines. The highest quality is then guaranteed thanks to our in-house tests, conducted on each realization before delivery, and thanks to our after-sales technical assistance, always available.