The best industrial automation solutions for empty pallet management

The automatic warehouse for pallets today represents one of the cardinal elements of business efficiency, with a view to the industrial automation of the storage and management of orders and shipments. The advantages brought by the implementation of a system capable of managing the translation, positioning, entry, and exit of packages within the end of the line make the difference in terms of time and cost optimization. In the same way, the positive aspects not only concern logistics and internal handling, but contribute to the competitiveness of the company and its strategic positioning.

For forty years United Symbol has been working alongside companies to provide them with the best systems and the best equipment. Thanks to the experience gained in responding every day to the needs of our customers, we have developed the know-how that allows us to be the ideal partner for every need in the field of industrial automation. United Symbol’s automatic pallet warehouses are custom-designed starting from the specifications of each individual customer. We build complete turnkey plants, but we also take care of the supply and commissioning of individual end-of-line equipment that is already operational. Quality and reliability are guaranteed by the tests that are carried out by our specialized technical staff and by our assistance service, always available to respond promptly in the post-sale phase.