Shuttles for industrial automation and internal handling

The shuttles for the transport of pallets on rails are a piece of exceptionally versatile and strategic equipment in the field of industrial automation. In fact, they allow to replace the conveyors and to move loads even over long distances by connecting one or more warehouses, departments and processing areas, as well as to convey palletizing lines. In addition, modern technologies for the detection of obstacles along the paths allow their use in safety in pedestrian areas, thanks to the automatic stop systems that prevent the occurrence of potentially risky situations.

Over forty years of experience alongside companies in every sector, today make United Symbol the ideal partner for every need in the field of industrial automation. United Symbol’s pallet transport rails are integrated into internal transport and handling systems designed specifically for the needs of each individual customer. It is always possible to create new complete turnkey plants, as well as the implementation of individual equipment within lines and plants already in operation. Our specialized technical staff follows every phase, from design to assembly and connection with any other line or equipment of the company. While the United Symbol assistance service is always available after-sales for each intervention.