Motorized roller conveyors and roller conveyors for industrial automation and internal handling of packages and pallets

The movement within the production lines by roller conveyors and motorized roller conveyors is one of the most appreciated and simple to implement industrial automation solutions. Extremely popular for their reliability and solidity, roller conveyors adapt perfectly to the most diverse production areas, guaranteeing ample flexibility and efficiency.

The experience of United Symbol, gained through forty years of work alongside companies in every sector, has allowed us to become today the ideal partner in the design and supply of the most diverse industrial automation solutions. We are specialists in the creation of solutions for internal handling by roller conveyors, as well as in the implementation of individual equipment within lines already in operation. Each realization is designed starting from the specific needs of each customer, then tested in house to ensure maximum quality and reliability. Finally, our assistance service is always available for any post-sales need