Rotary tables for industrial automation and the rotation of pallets, packages, products

Rotary tables for the rotation of pallets, packages and products are one of the most versatile industrial automation implementations for the most diverse sectors. The ability to divert movement in multiple directions and simultaneously serve multiple lines is a strategic solution in optimizing processes and workspaces. Available with both roller and chain traction, the rotary tables are suitable for insertion within any type of line, thanks also to a wide range of accessories available to adapt each realization to the most diverse systems and to the most diverse needs. .

Thanks to its forty years of experience working alongside companies in every sector, United Symbol is today the ideal partner for every need in the field of industrial automation. The United Symbol rotary tables are the result of a design tailored to the specifications of each individual customer. They can be inserted both during the construction of a new plant, and implemented within lines already in operation. Our specialized technical staff takes care of each assembly and test phase, as well as the connection of the rotary tables with any other lines, ensuring maximum quality at the time of commissioning. Our assistance service is always available for any intervention in the post-sale phase.