The best industrial automation solutions for the implementation of end-of-line winders

Within the United Symbol division dedicated to industrial automation, the winders play a leading role in the end of line phases. The ability to protect packages and packaging thanks to an adequate quantity of stretch film, in maximum safety and without waste, is in fact a necessity for a wide range of productions and industrial sectors. The market today allows you to choose different configurations, such as arm, ring or rotary table winders. It thus becomes possible to identify and go to implement the technologies that best suit a specific plant and specific production lines.

Thanks to the long experience gained alongside companies active in every industrial sector, United Symbol today is a specialist in the construction and supply of systems and equipment for complete industrial automation. We design the best solutions for each customer to install winders of all types, choosing only the best machines and the best components on the market. Our creations are always tested in house before delivery. And furthermore, to guarantee the highest quality, our assistance service is constantly available for every need.