The mobile platform for the use of United Symbol industrial manipulators

Thanks to their characteristics, United Symbol industrial manipulators cover a wide range of applications for the most diverse industrial sectors. In order to make available all the advantages of our prehensile systems even in all those movements where extreme maneuverability and flexibility are required, we have developed Pallino, the mobile trolley designed for all unconventional movements and to reach all areas not subject to electrical supplies. or pneumatic.

United Symbol’s long experience at the service of companies in every industrial sector has allowed us to develop a wide range of solutions in the field of industrial manipulators, capable of responding to the most diverse needs. With the Pallino system, it becomes possible to reach every space and, while losing something in terms of load capacity compared to the classic fixing of aerial manipulators on masonry, they gain unprecedented mobility and agility. Pallino also represents a solution capable of guaranteeing constant operator safety, facilitating them in their work and allowing them to quickly perform the most complex operations through simple and intuitive controls.