A tailor-made industrial manipulator for handling bags

The industrial manipulator developed by United Symbol specifically for the handling of the bags responds to what is a specific need normally not easy to solve. In fact, if the use of the bag as a format is perfectly suited to the packaging and storage of a wide range of productions (building materials, chemical industries, fertilizers, feed), the relative handling, handling and positioning phases typically pose different practical difficulties.

For this reason, United Symbol has created a tailor-made solution starting from the technology already developed for its pneumatic industrial manipulators of the Sacchi series. Thanks to the application of a gripping device by means of a vacuum pump, the lifting, and handling of the heavier bags become easy and safe actions, possible thanks to simple and intuitive controls. In this way, for example, it is possible to better manage each phase of loading and unloading, of palletizing and end of the line, making the execution of each order more efficient and quick.