The strong and flexible industrial manipulators designed to handle concrete products

United Symbol industrial manipulators specifically dedicated to concrete products are the ideal answer for handling any type of concrete product, in particular during the delicate drying phase. In fact, these artifacts can often present various critical issues, due to the long times in which they must remain inside bases or molds. To protect its integrity and quality, it is, therefore, necessary to have tailor-made solutions available, which combine great strength, precision, and flexibility.

Forty years of experience alongside companies in the construction sector have allowed United Symbol to develop specific industrial manipulators, equipped with grippers designed specifically to adapt to any type of base or mold. It thus becomes possible to move the concrete products while maintaining their characteristics during the drying phase. This also allows making the production cycle more efficient, to better manage times and to optimize costs. At the same time, operators can work effortlessly and in total safety, thanks to extremely intuitive tools with few and simple controls.