Industrial manipulators for rapid handling of PVC boxes

The industrial manipulators for boxes developed by United Symbol meet the handling needs of PVC containers universally used in any sector of goods storage. It is a patented gripper, which with the addition of the vision system makes it possible to recognize the type of product inside the box and to store it correctly through our autonomously guided anthropomorphic systems. Alternatively, it is possible to manage end-of-line picking through semi-automatic manipulators, ideal for queues, small warehouses and with not particularly intensive cyclical requests.

The long experience of United Symbol alongside companies in the goods warehouse sector has allowed us to create industrial manipulators tailor-made for the handling of PVC boxes that are easy to use, but at the same time able to make a difference. Thanks to gripping devices designed to adapt to the same handles of each box, it becomes possible for the operator to lift and move loads effortlessly and in total safety, while the product is always protected. Through the use of a few simple commands, therefore, each operation within the warehouse or in the preparation of deliveries is made more efficient, in particular in the case of products characterized by seasonality and perishability, for which rapid and safe handling is indispensable.