The solution for the use of United Symbol industrial manipulators in long movements of heavy loads

United Symbol industrial manipulators represent a range of intelligent and flexible solutions, ideal for the most diverse sectors and areas of use. Most of our products can be installed both on a rotating arm, with wall fixing, and on a mobile trolley. But what to do when the need is to make long journeys within spaces of significant sizes, such as warehouses, loading and storage areas and the like? The ideal answer is our overhead crane system, specially designed to use United Symbol industrial manipulators on long journeys.

In forty years of experience serving industries in every sector, United Symbol has developed solutions capable of intercepting the real needs of companies and supporting them in their daily work. This is why our overhead crane system allows adding to all the advantages of our industrial manipulators the widest mobility combined with high load capacities. It thus becomes possible for operators to manage all the operations of handling products and packages within great distances in total safety and through the use of simple and intuitive controls.