An industrial manipulator with a strong grip for the most delicate materials

The industrial manipulator developed by United Symbol specifically for the sanitary series is the result of careful design that has put a specific need of our customers at the center: the handling of sanitary and other products that by their nature are difficult to handle manually or with traditional gripping members and which are at risk of breaking due to the characteristics of the materials themselves.

For this reason, United Symbol has created a tailor-made solution, starting from the critical aspects of these products to develop a series of industrial manipulators equipped with extremely flexible suction and mechanical gripping devices, designed to adapt to the most diverse forms. This allows the handling of the most different types of sanitary ware quickly and safely for the operator, with the guarantee of a strong and delicate grip that at the same time protects and respects the most fragile materials. It thus becomes possible through simple and intuitive controls to implement product handling standards that allow to optimize warehouse times and costs and to proceed quickly with the execution of each order.